Dunapack Rodina Packaging

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Address: Bulgaria
97 Maritza Bld
Website: http://www.dunapack.bg
Phone: +359 32 904 801
Food industry packaging
• related to the speciality of the products for transportation, storage and exhibition in stands and shop windows
• displays for presentation of the goods in shops and storehouses.

Vegetables and fruits packaging
• trays for vegetables and fruits
• in consideration with the requirements of the EU for import and export of vegetables and fruits, providing hopeful transport, storage of the products in cold stores and shop windows
• the BINI project – BINI machine for gluing of packaging near the greenhouse of field, and ensures directly packaging solution for transportation out of the field.

Packaging for cosmetic, pharmacy and chemistry
• transport packaging and displays for exhibition in shops or shop widows

Packaging for sanitaria
• ensures sure and hopeful transportation of the goods
• hopeful and proper for storage of the goods

Packaging for electronic, machines and elements

Nonstandard packaging
• for advertisement, gifts, archive Recommend to Friend


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