Kovis d.o.o.

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Address: Slovenia
IPC, Brezina 102
Website: http://www.kovis.si/kovis
Phone: +386 7 499 11 80


The new principles that reflect the experience and the know-how of the development team are now implemented in the design of the new Kovis products. By implementing the newest CAD/CAM tools, a new approach has been constructed to directly include the participation of the consumer in the earliest stages of the product development

Taking the wishes and technical requirements of the clients into an account, the product is shaped upon these given parameters with the possibility of the preview from the first to the last pre-production stage.

The best and the most sophisticated CAD-CAM development tools are used when developing the new product. This means that Kovis is using the know-how of SolidWORKS (SolidCAM, SolidFlow, and SolidWORK-FLOW) from DCS. The mission of SolidWORKS is to unleash the power of 3D for everyone in the product development. Only SolidWORKS is 100% focused on the mechanical design and is at the same time providing software and services that help manufacturers to get the new products into the market faster. Innovative, yet proven, SolidWORKS mechanical design software is the standard in 3D.


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