Kovis d.o.o.

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Address: Slovenia
IPC, Brezina 102
Website: http://www.kovis.si/kovis
Phone: +386 7 499 11 80


The production department is divided into 3 production halls (A, B and C). In the hall A all the products are prepared before shipping. The welding section in the hall A operates with MIG/MAG welding techniques. This is done to fulfil the technical requirements of the product and for the internal necessities of the company’s field of maintenance. The service department that is situated in the last third of the hall A is designed for the purposes of the Voith and EMG turbo generators maintenance.

Hall B is the production heart of the company where machining is performed using the most sophisticated and high-end CNC machines. Turning, drilling, milling and other conventional machining operations are fully CNC controlled throughout the production line. Range of the production machines goes from the simplest turning CNC machine up to the horizontal or vertical milling machines. The production line is optimized to its fullest where almost no dead transport time is reported. The hall includes the special balancing department, where static and dynamic balancing up to the balancing grade of G2,5 can be performed. For the necessities of the overhaul maintenance department, a test bench has been installed and is fully operational by simulating the real conditions of exploitations.

Pieces of greater dimensions and masses are normally machined in hall C where horizontal milling machines and one carousel machine are installed.

Company Kovis production facilities are divided into:

Hall A – Service Dept., Welding Dept., General Maintenance, Quality Dept-NDT Laboratory, Measuring Laboratory;
Hall B – Main production facility, Testing Bench for Hydra-Gearboxes by simulating real workloads;
* Hall C – For special machining requirements,
* Hall Brezina – The new production site, opened in 2008 for production of brake discs.


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