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Address: Bulgaria
97 Maritza Bld
Website: http://www.dunapack.bg
Phone: +359 32 904 801


“Dunapack Rodina” AD has e clear understanding of the impact the company may have upon the environment. The company is in pursuit of diminishing the negative impact upon nature while at the same time meeting customer expectations regarding the quality of offered products and services.

“Dunapack Rodina” AD is aware of its responsibility to develop not only successful but also socially accountable business with concern over environmental protection and health and safety of people.

We fully understand that all our employees and individuals related to the company have an important influence on achieving our goals regarding environmental protection. We shall aspire to ensure that our employees get all the necessary help and proper training, so as we can get their full understanding and proactive approach for continuous improvement of the environmental standards.

At all levels our company commits to:

Environmental protection;
Pollution prevention;
Continuous improvement and;
Compliance to all applicable legislative and other requirements accepted by the company.
To achieve our goals we shall:

Adopt environmental standards that fully correspond to Bulgarian legislation;
Include in our business planning process all issues concerning environmental protection which will let us to guarantee that responsible management of the environment will become an integrated part of our activities;
Implement and continuously improve for all our activities the internationally acknowledged Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) which is to be regularly audited for the degree of compliance so as to integrate it with the Management System of the company;
Stimulate and assist our employees to work for further improvement of environmental protection in their field of occupation;
Develop and produce products that give minimum negative influence upon the environment;
Establish and implement modes for resource management improvement, including water resources, power resources, packaging and other resources, by decreasing their consumption;
Improve the waste management process and guarantee that all waste products will be recycled or disposed of safely with minimum impact upon the environment;
Seek for positive and effective resolutions of the environmental issues together with public, NGO and private companies;
Carry out regular audits and reviews regarding the performance of the environmental protection we conduct and appraise our achievements and improvement toward the standard company’s performance key indicators.
The Management of “Dunapack – Rodina” AD strongly believes that our employees are clearly aware of their part in the environmental protection and in the growth and progress of our company.

The Management of the company is positive that every member of our team according to her/his obligations, responsibilities and potentiality shall contribute for the fulfillment of this environmental policy and related to it basic tasks in the process of implementation and improvement of the Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System.

Date: 07.05.2007


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