Belotex-95 JSC

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Address: Bulgaria
st. “Progres” 1
Phone: (00359) (03071) 2074

Production capacities

The production activity of Belotex 95 JSC is organized in 3 workshops – two weaving and one for ready-made clothes located in the town of Zlatograd and the village of Startsevo, at 8 km from Zlatograd. A preparatory division works with the weaving workshops where the processes of warping and dressing are performed. We have five batch warping devices of the makes BENNINGER and ELITEX and with three dressing machines of ZUCKER MULER and POLMATEX.
With the realization of a significant investment in 2004 and 2005, the weaving production is renovated with 43 looms SULZER P7100 В360, which provides for a possibility to attain maximal width of fabric in raw of 340 cm. The theory and the practice show that fabrics with big densities and finer wool may be produced on this basis, various strings, widths and masses. The bigger productivity of these machines also provides for higher degree of effectiveness of the production. The predominant weaving looms are STB 180 – 208 nos., STB 220 – 32 nos. and STB 250 – 15 nos., which fabrics in width from 140 to 235 cm may be produced on.
Ready-made clothes
During the autumn of 1999 BELOTEX – 95 JSC put into operation a ready-made clothes workshop equipped with 38 straight sewing machines Juki, Japanese make, in which it implements its program for ready-made articles. Special machines, tailoring premises and ironing equipment at average level are also available.


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